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Smoked meatloaf

Started by Chris O, July 02, 2017, 11:08:09 AM

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Chris O

2 lbs ground pork
2lbs ground beef (venison)
3 or 4 eggs
1 sleeve of saltines (crushed)
Add diced onions and peppers to your liking
Add just a little A1 steak sauce and yellow mustard
Mix this all together until you get the consistency you like
You may have to add more crackers .
Put it on the smoker at 250 or 275 degrees for around 3 hrs or an internal temperature of 140
Then brush on the BBQ sauce and let it cook until it hits 145 usually 1/2 hour or so
Let it stand for 15 minutes then enjoy.
You can add whatever you want to the loaf I add mushrooms quite often and seasoning it is one of my favorites and very easy