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How long do you smoke turkey breast in meat smoker

Started by slicksbeagles1, May 06, 2014, 12:55:05 PM

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Can someone tell me how long to smoke a turkey breast in a meat smoker  :thanks:


Smoke it until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 165 degrees as shown on a meat thermometer.

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L.F. Cox

Smoked my first wild turkey breast the other day....

Soaked them in a water/wine vinegar 'spiced up' brine in the fridge over night.

Injected them with butter and put on a rub.

Got the Masterbuilt up to 230 degrees and put them in....I like the Jack Daniels whiskey barrel wood chips. I sprayed the meat down with Apple Cider vinegar about every hour.

My smoker has a built in meat thermometer with remote control...after about 4 hours of cooking the internal temperature hung at 150 degrees an hour later I jacked up the smoker to 275 degrees and 45 minutes later the internal temperature rose to 165 degrees.

I think what caused the temp to hang at 150 degrees was that I took the meat straight from the fridge to the smoker and didn't let the meat warm to room temperature.

Tuned out nice....got plans on smoking a bunch more.

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Chris O

I smoked one a couple of weeks ago and it turned out good. This was a fresh turkey we shot it in the morning and i smoked it that afternoon.I only soaked it for a couple hours in heavy salt water.I ran my smoker at around 250 degrees It seems like it likes to run at that temperature . I smoked the 2 halves for about a 1hr 45 minutes then I wrapped them in foil with a couple big spoonfuls of butter and some more seasoning for about 40 minutes and I was surprised how well it turned out.The next day we made turkey wraps out of the left overs and they were good also . I mainly seasoned with salt and pepper and a light coat of cookies flavor enhancer and tenderizer.And I used Mesquite and Hickory for the wood. I will definitely do it again it was a good way to get it used up .


Brine it over night in water, salt and sugar.  2qt's water, 1/2 cup kosher salt and 1/4 cup sugar.  Remove any silver skin and trim so you have a proportionately sized breast, you can cube up the smaller bits that were trimmed off for fried nuggets!  Smoke at 200 until it hits an internal temp of 165.  Damn good eatin'