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How I clean turkey spurs tutorial (super clean and picture heavy)

Started by VanHelden Game Calls, February 26, 2012, 02:31:49 PM

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VanHelden Game Calls

This link will take you to my DIY blog where the instructions are simplified.

Hope this helps.  I will try to fix the typo's. 
You can do multiple spurs at 1 time.  I etch the name in the back of the leg bone with a dremel.  Caps only fit 1 bone, they are all unique so no need to keep them straight throughout the process.

VanHelden Game Calls


VanHelden Game Calls


VanHelden Game Calls




This is very close to the way that I fix up my spurs. Great tutorial.


Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.


i usually just clean mine up with a razor blade and put them in a cup filled with just enough pure bleach to cover the bone and not get on the spur cap.... usually works good....
Can't kill'em from the couch!!!!


VanHelden Game Calls

Chilly your right there are a few ways to get the job done. I just like my stuff cleaner then others.  What do you think happens to all the gunk under the cap?


I'm sure it is all dried up.... Please don't take offense... I did not say anything wrong with your way.....I would not doubt your spurs are cleaner than mine are....
Can't kill'em from the couch!!!!

VanHelden Game Calls

No offense taken.  Just wanted to let people know how easy it is to get really nice spurs with nothing to rot. I started off doing it similar to you.  But after a few spurs where the peroxide wicked up behind the spur and whitened underneath I needed to find a way to fix it.  And I stumbled upon the fact they come off.  And that lead me on a new way of doing things.

I was just shown a different method of removing the caps.  If it works it will make this tutorial a lot shorter.  Basically cut around the fresh spur caps with a razor blade, use padding and grab with a pliers twist till it pops and walla.  This will eliminate hot potato and the blo treatment.  And make cleaning and cooking a snap. :)


Thanks for the tutorial. I've started doing it in a similar way to this.  I've been able to get the bone a little whiter by letting it sun bleach for a few days after the peroxide.  Although, I've had some stange comments from people who saw the spurs sitting in the back window of my car.


Great method. Nothing to smell later if rehydrated. A warning, it can go wrong. I was cleaning last years kills and had several sets boiling on my Coleman stove in the garage and let the water boil off while cleaning skin off more. I melted the caps on three great pairs of hooks. I wanted to cry.

VanHelden Game Calls

Yes that is a good warning to make sure you always have water in the pot. It should not take that long to pop the caps off though.

And some sunlight does not hurt, even though from my reading its the heat combined with peroxide that does the whitening. Putting the solution in the sun just adds the heat, and putting in the sun after just dries it faster and more thorough. If you did not rinse the peroxide the sun would again add the heat but be warned of whitening anything it comes in contact with.

I am also always concerned of offering free easy lunch to little bugs.  Last thing I want to do is give them a reason to come and infest my mounts.