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Beard display

Started by Armyvet4583, February 23, 2017, 01:13:14 PM

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Hey all. How do you all display your beards. Most time I'm lazy and just cut them off. However this yr I'm goin to cut the brass off the shell and fill with wax and put beard in the hot wax. Also plan to put a hook on it so I can hang them up.


I do roughly that same thing, but a little different.

I cut the legs on either side of the spurs, boil the spurs until the cartilage and meat can be scraped off, then clean everything really well. I let all of the parts dry thoroughly. I then clean up the spur caps and hot glue them back onto the bony spurs on the legs. This whole time I have the meat portion of the beard drying out in a small cup of salt. I also cut the brass from the plastic shell and knock out the primer with a nail. Once all of the components are ready, I take a 10" length of leather lace, string the spurs onto the lace, run the two loose ends of the lace through the primer hole and tie a couple of knots in it. I pull the knot down into the primer hole and half fill the brass with hot glue. I then take the beard and push it into the glue and finish filling the rest of the brass with the hot glue. Let it rest upright for a while for the glue to set. I finish it off by engraving the date, location and any other information that will make it easy to remember that particular hunt. You can then hang the whole thing from the leather loop.

Have fun.


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Here is a Great way to display your beards. No hot melt needed just push the beards into the inserts .


I mount mine with the fan. In the middle of mounting a fan and beard now. I've got an H.S. Strut plaque to put them on. The beard glues into a little recess. Looks nice. I've done a couple before. You can see a couple H.S. Strut plaques here -> https://southeasternbowhunting.com/best-turkey-fan-mount-plaques/