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Grand Slam Success!

Started by harleytom, April 18, 2018, 04:07:33 PM

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Well, it took 3 trips, thousands of miles, enduring tons of rain and mud, and finally hunting for 7 hours in subfreezing temps and 6 inches of snow, but managed to bag my Merriam's today. Not sure if he'll be an upgrade or not but I'll get him measured up later and posted. Just basking in the glow of a personal goal achieved right now. Still a few days of hunting left.

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Wooohooo! Huge congratulations on the completion of your slam and with a beautiful bird too!


Yeah dude, that is the way to make it happen! Big old gobbler in the snow. Love those creamy white tips on the tail feathers. Congratulations on this milestone.


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Way to get it done. And you coulda put him in ice right away!!!

Guns don't kill people.  Guns kill food.


Way to go! Congrats on finishing up on your slam!!


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Awesome. Huge congrats on your slam!!!


Thanks guys, turns out after measuring this bird up he's even better than I thought, 71.575, my best bird ever. Brought him back to have him mounted so I can admire him for years to come.

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Nice bird and a great accomplishment congrats!


Guns don't kill people.  Guns kill food.


Congrats on your SLAM! Great bird and pics!