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Who hunts first?

Started by eddie234, March 01, 2018, 02:53:34 PM

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So, who gets to get into the woods first?
My season starts April 16th

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Youth season opens here March 8th but it'll be the 10th before I can get one in the woods.

Adult season opens the 15th and I'll get to hunt the first 4 days before being forced back to work.


Youth in my area is 24-25th and season opens on 31st
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March 15th in Alabama I'll be up to bat for a couple days. It's gonna be hunting a whole new place, but I'll have good assistance from a fellow forum member actually. Then won't get a shot again till April 12th here in Kansas.


March 26 in Florida, April 14th is Kentuckys opener

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 March 15.  Retired so I can get after em every day......except when I am in the boat going after Mr. LM Bass.
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April 16th here in Illinois. Possibly the weekend before if I can convince someone to go to Nebraska with me for early archery.

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Big Jeremy

Same as Nick with the TN season...my first day in the woods will be April 2nd.

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