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turkeys for tomorrow

Great season, lots of fun.

Started by bornagain64, May 17, 2017, 06:08:28 AM

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I had a good time on the team this year. Nice meeting all of you and hearing your hunting experiences.
I hope all of you have a blessed rest of the year and a great deer season. Already looking forward to next spring.


turkey harvester

I hear ya John, it's been a privilege being your teammate and  half ars captain,lol. We have a great team, some returning from last year, so maybe we keep this thing going again. I know a couple who would be in!! I truly enjoyed listening to your stories and the pics you shared with us. Summers here so time for river fishin and fun with granddaughter. Be careful the rest of the year and we can still chime in and communicate on the strut stoppers!! Know I will. Folks let's do it again, next year!!!
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Hunt with your kids, not for them.

Hunt with your kids, not for them.


enjoyed my season. limited out at home with a very limited amount of time to hunt. and even got my out of state bird the first morning I was there after being up for 36 hours straight. I was a returning member this year, hope to make it a third for next year
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