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turkeys for tomorrow

Great morning in Georgia

Started by jbrown, May 04, 2017, 06:54:46 PM

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Had a great hunt this morning, walked in and hooted 1 time, bird gobbled maybe 125 yards away. I sat down and waited for fly down time, he gobbled 8 times before he flew down, I tree called once before he flew down and he gobbled back cutting the call. I could hear hens flying down and yelping, I did a wing fly down and he doubled gobbled. I yelped on my trumpet and he answered. A 2 year gobbler came from behind, sneaking in to the decoy and I killed him with the 20 gauge. 20 minutes later, I was able to call in the other gobbler who had 3 hens with him. These hens were really mouthy, I matched the boss hen Yelp for Yelp, she got ticked off and came in to check me out. He gobbled good on the ground and strutted up to the decoy, another 30 yd shot. He's not a stud, but it was an exciting hunt and I was happy to load them in the truck. Thank you Lord for a gorgeous morning and an awesome hunt!
Biggest gobbler weight  20.01 lb
                       Beard.  10.25 in
                       L spur.  1.0625
                       R spur.  1.0625
                       Score.   61.7600   


Nice hunt Jim, I like how you went after the boss hen.  I've done that myself with success.  It almost seems more satisfying when you can get the best of both the hens and toms.


Ill get your pictures loaded up this weekend Jim. Glad you got on them.
Georgia Boy


Congrats Jim!

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