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turkeys for tomorrow

Bird down.

Started by savduck, April 13, 2017, 09:58:54 AM

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Taking pictures now. Two year old. 18lbs 9oz. 9.75 beard. 3/4 spur, 7/8 spur
Georgia Boy


Quote from: savduck on April 13, 2017, 09:58:54 AM
Taking pictures now. Two year old. 18lbs 6 is.

Probably 8 inch beard
Yeah baby, seal broken. Congrats!

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Dr Juice

Congrats. Standing by for pics.


Congrats Del, hope y'all have a great weekend! Happy early birthday big boy! I had a bad day today, I had to put down Miss Lilly today, she was 13 and the best bird dog I've ever owned. That just about killed me


Appreciate it. Sorry to hear that. We were just talking and her when I was up there. Man I hate to hear it.
Georgia Boy


Miss Lilly was a very special dog. I used her on a quail plantation all of her life, I keep records on all my dogs. In her 12 years of hunting, she pointed over 40,000 quail that were killed! It's hard to believe that number, but that's the truth, it's amazing when you think about it!! RIP old girl, you deserve it, I miss you


Sorry about running on


I know how it is Jim. I miss Cody daily.
Georgia Boy



Congrats on the bird!