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turkeys for tomorrow

Bird down in SC!

Started by deerbasshunter3, March 20, 2017, 09:50:53 AM

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My cousin and I doubled up on opening morning. I'll get the scores posted in a couple of days.


Congrats to you both. We are off to a good start.


I hope my score will be accepted. I was in a hurry, so the only measurement I got with the bird in tact was the weight. I have the spurs and beard cut off to measure in the next day or two...

turkey harvester

Wat to go, post up what you have and when I get to work tomorrow I'll look at it and get it posted.
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Hunt with your kids, not for them.

Hunt with your kids, not for them.


Loving God's Creation!


Here is a picture of just me and my bird: