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turkeys for tomorrow

The winner is ...

Started by Old Gobbler, April 01, 2015, 10:04:19 PM

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Old Gobbler

The winner is 131 !  Please pm me your address etc...thank you - Shannon
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Old Gobbler

Birdyhunter is the lucky winner , please pm me your information ,what choke you would like and I'll get the ball Rollin -- thanks again ,Shannon
:wave:  OG .....DRAMA FREE .....


Cut N Run

Congratulations Birdyhunter.  I hope you enjoy that Sumtoy choke as much as I like mine. 
Thank you for doing this William!

Luck counts, good or bad.



Tell us just how dead do you want them to be and we will see if we can get that for you.
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Congrats!! Props to Sumtoy for the chance!


Congrats to the winner. Thanks for the opportunity Sumtoy!