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Half moon cut

Started by TNCreekBottom, January 20, 2024, 08:35:35 PM

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Anyone have any advice on a half moon cut mouth call I've seen them curious on how they sound or similarities to running a ghost cut? I'm a ghost cut or combo guy and just trying to broading my opinions.
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Looked around a bit but have not been able to find an example of that particular cut.  Who makes it? 
Not knowing for sure, it sounds like it might be a variation of the ghost cut?...  I am imagining a half-moon-shaped cut in the primary reed?...
If so, I doubt it would be superior to other cut designs but, of course, the "proof in the pudding" would be the call construction and the ability of the user to make it perform...   :icon_thumright:


Sounds intriguing.  I have been using some deeper cut calls along with lower stretch for the second season now and I'm getting more turkey vocabulary from them then traditional split v, batwing and ghost cuts.  I believe that we have, as callers, settled for conventional calls and think this is all there is out there.   Trying new things can be very good sometimes. 


Rolling thunder has a pair of calls with the half moon cut that I'm going to try out I'll post a sound clip when i get them.
Full fan...full gobble...long Spurs...long beard...
Proverbs 3:5


K&H made a half moon cut call back in the late 90s. Called the half moon cutter. I believe it was a 2 or 3 reed call with the half moon cut on the bottom reed with some type of notch or turkey track on the top reed. Incredible aggressive cutting and yelping call. You could get some soft talk on it but it was my goto for aggressive stuff for several years. It was reintroduced again and it was called the Magic moon cutter.

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