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Field test "Boss" Bismuth

Started by zelmo1, October 06, 2023, 08:56:02 AM

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Opening day field test results. Boss bismuth #6 28 gauge out of a SBE3 with factory full choke. 6 birds 9 shots fired, 2 at my buddies cripples( he was shooting steel). No cripples and ranges were 25-40 yards. Clean kills on every bird. Patterns great and seems to hit with awesome lethality. Big ducks to medium size, blacks and mallards to wigeon and woodies. I will keep shooting it out of this gun , I was very impressed with the performace. It isnt cheap, but comparing it to the big name brands of bismuth and high end premium steel, the better performance mitigates the cost variance. Just my  :z-twocents: Z

mullet dredge

Have used nothing but Boss 5's thru my M2 20ga and A5 16ga for the last three seasons. It is well worth the price.....


I will not go back to steel. Bismuth costs but I shoot less shells. No chasing gliding cripples or looking for diving cripples. Dead ducks on water 99% of the time. I use 4s but 5s do the job very well! Kent makes a good one but their price has skyrocketed so Boss is my choice!
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I just tried my 12 SBE with Boss #3 and it was silly. Great pattern with my stock IM choke. I will shoot these on the open marsh and at geese. I will go to #5 bismuth in the 28 for my swamp hunts and a couple TSS #7 for goose patrol. Boss bismuth is well worth my money. Z