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General Forum / Re: Counterfeit Osceolas
Last post by joey46 - Today at 11:44:36 AM
Warnings on this Florida situation have been posted for several seasons on this forum.  It appears several people paid $2500 for what are essentially Butterballs.
Last post by bbcoach - Today at 11:43:08 AM
Well everyone, I wanted to let you know that NMG was TRUE to their word and has GREAT Customer Service as I stated in my earlier post.  I opened my mailbox, about 15 minutes ago, and found a NEW pair of pants for my camo suit that I purchased several years ago.  As I stated, the leg zippers were biding and had a problem staying zipped.  I only requested to return them to have the zippers replaced, at my expense, but they replaced them free of charge.  I did pay a very small shipping charge though.  The guys I dealt with were very quick and thorough, answering my E-mails.  I HIGHLY recommend this company for their excellent products and WONDERFUL Customer Service.  Give them a LOOK!!!
General Forum / Re: Word Association Game
Last post by wim-dog - Today at 11:21:15 AM
Trumpets / Wingbones Forum / Re: Mail Call
Last post by Will - Today at 10:56:20 AM
Glad you posted this caller. I just received one from Mr. Lester, same type and it sure plays good.
General Forum / Re: Counterfeit Osceolas
Last post by FL-Boss - Today at 10:39:43 AM
Stuff like this will only get worse. Just wait until Osceola hunts start costing $5K per bird.. it won't be long. More turkey hunters and less land to hunt each year in Central/South Fla.
General Forum / Re: Word Association Game
Last post by Turkeybutt - Today at 10:11:06 AM
Trumpets / Wingbones Forum / Re: Well, DANG !!!!
Last post by sbbow - Today at 10:02:28 AM
Looking forward to seen this on !

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General Forum / Re: Counterfeit Osceolas
Last post by Zobo - Today at 09:56:56 AM
Quote from: Tom007 on Today at 06:07:12 AMUnfortunately scamming has become a major problem in all aspects of our society now, it's a shame!

Yes! It's rife throughout the internet. It's a cyber war, don't believe anything you see anymore. All images are now easily manipulated and faked. My wife has been on the forefront of fighting these losers for decades. Is only getting worse.
Daily Devotional & Prayer Requests / How quickly we forget
Last post by misfire - Today at 09:15:49 AM
"Immediately, he spoke to them and said, 'Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid.' Then he climbed into the boat with them, and the wind died down. They were completely amazed, for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened."
Mark 6:50b-52

Do you remember when God intervened in an impossible situation and how He blessed you in the middle of a crisis?

The disciples had just seen Jesus miraculously feed 5,000 men and their entire families with two fish and five loaves of bread. That same night, they found themselves frightened in a storm, quickly forgetting that great miracle. We also tend to have short memories when it comes to crises and the hardships of the faith journey.

For some reason, it's easy to forget God's past faithfulness when a new obstacle threatens to derail our lives.

Jesus told His disciples to expect challenges. Don't be surprised when trials appear, when you don't understand what's happening or why. This is part of life. Instead, stop and remember what God has done in the past. Hold onto the faith of yesterday to get through today.

Look back before moving forward.

The children of Israel experienced this same fear and uncertainty. On the brink of entering the Promised Land, they were overcome by fear and began to panic at the obstacles standing in the way. That's when Moses stepped in – he told them to look back – look back at the miracles God performed in the past.

But the people were only focused on the problem, the enemy. And the longer they focused on the problem, the faster their fear grew. They quickly forgot the miracles God performed in Egypt only a short time earlier to free His people from slavery.

In the same way, Jesus says to us: Stop. Remember. Look back. Look back to the miraculous power of God. Look back to how God has blessed you in the past as you face big challenges today. Remember how your Heavenly Father has met your needs in the past.

Stop. Remember. Look back — to move forward.