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Hello all! I’m Ryan and I grew up in the city near Chicago and hunting wasn’t in the culture. The only gun people owned outside Chicago was a pistol....

I moved to Bay City, Mi and it’s a flyway for ducks and I did what the locals do -duck hunt. I met my wife and soon bought a Mossberg 935 and in 2014, I had some dumb luck on a mature gobbler, in the fall of all times...

Ever since then I’ve had gobbler fever! I’ve gotten a couple of nice birds since then. This year I was able to take my wife out and she got her first gobbler too!

Now we are starting our grand slam together! I’m also looking for some hunting buddies who are willing to travel, camp, and hunt out west.

Let me know if you are in the Michigan area, we have a room for you!


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General Forum / Re: States with good populations
« Last post by catman529 on Today at 08:16:32 AM »
There’s a whole lotta states with great numbers of birds. It will take some homework to find out which part of which state to hunt. The Midwest, northeast and southeast all have great turkey hunting for easterns. But there are some areas that don’t have many birds. Many states publish county and/or WMA harvest data to get a general idea. Just keep in mind, if harvest numbers are really high, you’re gonna have a lot of company in the woods. Good luck.

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WTB - Wanted Adds / Wtb nef 20ga Turkey gun
« Last post by dantheman on Today at 08:13:04 AM »
If anyone has one they might part with. Please shoot me a pm
General Forum / Re: The bird you had to work for
« Last post by richard black on Today at 08:09:18 AM »
Very nice read. Congratulations on a well earned bird.
General Forum / Re: Ocellated ready to be picked up.
« Last post by richard black on Today at 08:05:42 AM »
Wow! That’s a great mount. Beautiful.
General Forum / Re: New Mexico
« Last post by Richard Cranium on Today at 07:40:19 AM »
 I’ve been out here all week and the weather has been awesome. A little windy for a couple of days but I’m sure you’ll have that no matter when you come.
Turkey Call Classifieds / need a Stucky Tulipwood striker ASAP!
« Last post by adkmountainken on Today at 07:13:24 AM »
lost my go to striker yesterday looking for a Stucky tulipwood striker will buy or have a ton to trade but need ASAP i'm on vacation this week!
Pot Calls Forum / Re: If you could only have 3 pot calls...
« Last post by Tennessee Lead on Today at 07:01:57 AM »
If you only wanted 3 pot calls and had no desire to collect I feel that those 3 should be Dawkins plastic pots in Slate, Crystal and Aluminum. Reasonably priced, elements aren’t going to damage them and they sound as good as any custom you can put against them.
I have probably somewhere around 60 pot calls and love them all but I’ve come to the realization that the plastic Dawkins were the right decision to hunt with.
Guns N' Hoses / Re: Best Day EVaaaaaaaH!
« Last post by Twowithone on Today at 06:34:43 AM »
Awesome Tracky Father/Son duo harvest cant go wrong there.
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