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turkeys for tomorrow

Got lucky!

Started by Turkeykiller12, March 27, 2019, 01:50:57 PM

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Today was the first morning I have had the opportunity to go hunting this season. I hunted a farm that I knew held a lot of birds. I heard zero gobbling all morning, didn't even hear a hen. I started in the woods listening after a while I started calling lightly. Nothing ever give so around 9am I started working my way slowly to the west pasture on this farm. I could hear some crows in this area and hoped that was a good sign. I got close, called and nothing! I eased up to field edge staying just inside the wood line and I seen two heads looking over a small rise in the field. I froze! One of the two started strutting and slowly feeding to my left. I noticed a lot of hens behind them and they were paying attention to the wood line. I let the gobbler closest to me get to around 30 yards and finished the deal. I don't like killing them like this but that's how it is sometimes. It was strange though not hearing a single gobble this morning. I hope that changes soon. Almost forgot to mention the sunrise this morning was nice also.

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dirt road ninja

Congrats on the first of the year! Hope this is the start of a good streak.



I like have luck on my side! Congratulations!

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"A turkey hen speaks when she needs to speak, and says what she needs to say, when she needs to say it. So every word a turkey speaks is for a reason." - Rev Zach Farmer


Congrats, sometimes they just don't follow the script and a little luck goes a long way.