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Hearing aids : Help me choose

Started by fdh54turkeyshooter, February 06, 2019, 09:58:23 PM

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 ???Ok folks heres the deal. I can't hear the phone ring 2 rooms away. It's affecting my turkey taking abilities. I tried the walker game ear hearing aid for around 200 bucks. Only used in one ear, had trouble w direction. Battery compartment fell out , not satisfied enough to spend double for both ears. So I am trying to decide between Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt, Pro Ears Stalker Gold, Walkers Ultimate Digital Quad, and last but not least 3M 's Peltor Tactical Pro, if any of you fine folks have experience with one of these headsets please advise. Thanks for your input!


I'm also interested in this. Last spring my buddy I was calling for could hear gobbles I couldn't. It was frustrating to say the least. My regular hearing aids won't work with nozzle blast.

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Man I truly wish you the best of luck, my eyes are horrible and I have never gotten an animal that I did not hear first.

Hope you can get something figured out but you will have to go with something that covers/inserts/lays on both ears and amplifies independently if you are going to get direction, I know that much.
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I've tried them all and they all have drawbacks including what I use out of the turkey woods. Nothing can duplicate your normal hearing. I settled on Pro Ears Stalker Gold.still struggle with direction at times though.


Quote from: rainingmallards on February 06, 2019, 10:00:15 PM
go with the SoundGear family of hearing aids
they are amazing
does the wind affect them


Find a good audiologist.  Look a the Starky made for iPhone hearing aids.  Nothing is like natural hearing but I have good success with these.  Bring your $.
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I've got Starky Zseries. Almost $7000. Never wear them hunting, partly because they don't work to control the gun blast, partly because I don't want to loose one. I have lost the ability to hear high pitches, but can still hear most low sounds including gobbles and goose honks. It's hard to tell what direction sounds are coming from with or without my Starkys. This year if I'm hunting in a blind, I may wear them, but take them out before I shoot......if I remember.


go to audiologist. Hopefully you have some ins. to help you out. Make SURE they block out loud noises. Some of the high end aids still don,t do this. its ridiculous that they still make devices for someone hard of hearing that will blow out what hearing they still have. Find someone that will be available to make programming adjustments most anytime. They will program them when you get them but you will have to go out in the real world for a few days and make note of things you don't like. Beat of luck to you.


I have been using the Howard Leight Impact Sport for several years. I have a set of the Walkers also. I cannot tell direction with the Walkers, but have no trouble with the Impact Sports. Hardest thing to get used to is judging distance while using them. I keep them turned all the way up when locating turkeys and then turning them back down a bit after getting set up and starting to work the bird. I can't afford expensive in the ear hearing aids. With these I also have the added benefit of hearing protection.


I have a good friend that was born deaf in both ears   He has worn aids of all different types over about 50 years.  Last year nothing seem to help anymore so he chose to get the Kopler inplant which after getting the surgery in one ear and getting it tuned to him ( he is up to 80% now )  He just had the other ear done 2 weeks ago. After it heals he can get the other side on and tuned   He really likes this  he has heard things for the first time like an owl hoot. He told me yesterday that he don't have any loud background noise and wind noise like the in ear aids. The inplants have loud noise canceling and are Bluetooth compatible


Did you mean "Cochlear" implants ??  I googled Koplar and nothing came up..   I"m interested in this topic as well.  Have had Walkers and didn't like it, and eventually lost it :(
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My son seems to be my hearing aid. Sometimes I'll call and he'll point in a direction of one gobbling in response to the call and I didn't hear a thing..Hearing loss sucks. Take care of it.


What is the best hunting hearing aid and protection?


I am interested in this too, for both my granddaughter and myself. She is 14 and very sensitive to muzzle blast and I just don't hear as well as i once did.