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turkeys for tomorrow

When does your season start?

Started by turkey harvester, February 27, 2018, 09:12:37 AM

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April 15 here in NM.

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"A man may not care for golf and still be human, but the man who does not like to see, hunt, photograph or otherwise outwit birds or animals is hardly normal. He is supercivilized, and I for one do not know how to deal with him." Aldo Leopold


April 28th here in Pa. A week earlier for the mentored youth hunt.   :firefighter:
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turkey harvester

T-minus 2 days!!!!  :funnyturkey:
Got the decoys in the bag, got vest loaded and ready. All we need is some cooperation from the turkey gods, and birds that want to play. Hunting with my 2 younger brothers and my wife. Lots of birds in this property so we'll scatter like quail when the start talking. Wife gets first crack at one on opening day, normally scores,lol. We'll be hunting wood blocks and bigger green cattle fields. I'm gonna let my full strutter decoy do most the work. He always comes through for me,lol.
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Hunt with your kids, not for them.

Hunt with your kids, not for them.



First opening Day I have missed in a long time.

Work...Not getting anything done anyways, minds on the gobble.
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Lol. It will be that way until you tag out or the season is over.