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turkeys for tomorrow

attention Tennessee Dream Team

Started by reflexl, February 05, 2018, 08:30:54 AM

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I heard from the doctor. Numbers actually improved. They say they have caught it really early. Now to figure out what to do. God is still in control!


Tennessee Lead

That's so good to hear Roy! Still praying for you!

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TN Beard Buster

Does that mean you're gonna captain?


That's great news reflexl. You are still in my prayers.

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I got out of the contest for a while and looking to join a team. If you all need another team member I would be more than happy to join. Just let me know....
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I just got off the phone with TN  Beard Buster. If no one can take over the captain job we are thinking of taking this year off. I don't feel like I can do a adequate job this year. We can regroup next year. Hopefully everyone can find a team this year that wants to play. I have loved being on this team with a bunch of great turkey hunters. If you can find a team by all means do. Good luck on the birds!


Thank you Reflexl. I feel like you have done a great job as our captain for the few seasons I have been on this great team. I hope you have a successful season in the turkey woods as well as your medical diagnosis. Look forward to seeing the team next season. Good luck this season To everyone.


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I haven't been on OG too much but just checked it out. Lots of nice birds killed this time. I did get out and kill one. Only the second 12" beard I have ever killed.

I figured since several of you are watching this might be the best place for a update. After being checked out numerous time they are sure that the lesion is encapsulated. I go to Chattanooga shortly for a 3T MRI. They are sure it hasn't spread but because of the cancer I have some other issues that they wont treat at the moment. Good luck to all that are still hunting.

Roost 1

I'll keep you in my prayers. Congrats on your bird.