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Author Topic: Call Soundfiles / Youtube area Guidelines  (Read 8608 times)

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Call Soundfiles / Youtube area Guidelines
« on: May 26, 2011, 08:27:37 PM »
  To help out the turkey call makers reach out to customers .... I went in and created a soundfile/youtube area just for folks to show the sound of the turkey  calls/calling -I also grabbed a few from the back pages to populate the area a bit

Anyone can post anything they deem fit anywhere on the site , as the staff sees it fall back to the back page we will move it to the new{child/sub} section -

A big warning to those childish types , one of the oldest and lamest antagonistic tricks that some of the trolls use to start BS with another callmaker is to ask or publicly challenge a person to produce a soundfile , A back door way of publicly degrading another persons work - Behavior like this was common elsewhere and was tolerated by people who don't know how to run site properly - If I observe a person challenging a person like this openly ....consider it the "delete account button"- No Challenging people for sound-files , not everybody wants to, has time, or knows how to make a video/sound-file ask them in a pm , or call them up so they can run it over the phone - sorry everyone for the little advisory , we don't allow troublemakers here

I will pass along a tip for producing better recordings - record outside with the recording device a various distances , I have heard 20 feet away works well , but test it out for yourself

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Sorry guys... the THE BOOKS ARE CLOSED on Push Pin Turkey  calls.... I wont be accepting anymore names to the list untill I catch up on orders.the books will be closed  a few years minimum