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1200 acre private Ohio for any other state

Started by WTNUT, January 30, 2021, 10:46:37 PM

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I am giving more thought to this swap thing.   Have 1200 acres of private land in south eastern Ohio with a four bedroom house and many extras.   You will not find a better hunt in Ohio.   I would consider swaps in other states, but would prefer a state with different subspecies.   I am communicating with another member currently regarding a swap.  PM if you think you have a comparable hunt to offer. 


I dont know if your still looking for swaps but I can offer a pretty much guaranteed Merriam hunt here in MT.  I called in 22 birds for friends and family here last yr, unless the weather is so bad we cant go outside you will fill your tags.  If your still interested let me know. I have references and pics


I wanted to give a giant thumbs up rating to WTNUT on his swap hunt. :z-guntootsmiley: I met up with him for the Ohio opener. We were on birds right off and could hear birds sounding off in every direction,  I was done an hr into opening day on a bird that came in hot. He owns some of the prettiest open hardwoods Ive been in. As a host he was 2nd to none.  Ive done a bunch of swaps over the yrs and this one is 1st rate. I cant think of a better place to hunt an Ohio bird than here. 

Thanks again Brian


Well it didn't hurt that "Hutch" had already taken birds in 17 or 18 states throughout his hunting career.  When I pointed to a tree to set up in front of he was all business.  No "hey will they come in quiet or gobble",  "do you aim at the head or the body",  or  "do you want me to call louder then you so they know which person to come to when the run in the find us",  all business I tell you.   When he shot we had 8 different gobblers hammering within about 200 yard of us.   It doesn't always work that well,  but when it does it is fun.   


I would throw a Texas Rio at you for Ohio. Same offer would stand for anyone with birds in CO, IL, IN, IA, VA, WV, NC, PA, DE or GA