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Browning invector plus x full turkey choke

Started by Hooks' n' Beards', April 23, 2016, 08:43:13 PM

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Hooks' n' Beards'

I was wondering which company builds this choke and was interested in finding out if it's a "hevi" shot,ok'd choke?I cant seem to locate any info.Thanks.


Is this the trap special xfull?  http://www.dowdlesports.com/Browning-Inv-Choke-Xfull-TrapTurkey-12Ga_p_14175.html this one?  If so I shoot hevi and TSS out of mine with no trouble.


I found out Briley from what I was told, manufactures these chokes for Browning. I miss my old "name" too bad I couldn't remember my password.
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