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In Memorial

Started by Old Gobbler, May 19, 2012, 09:03:12 PM

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Old Gobbler


It saddens me to inform you that Dr. Lovett Williams has passed away - His contributions to wild turkey biology need no introduction , he was a legend in the field --And a good family man -he dedicated his life to both - I will update this with any pertinent information as it becomes available

For the time being I am going to maintain all his postings in archive mode as his entire area is placed into " In Memorial " mode - he told me many times how he greatly enjoyed fielding questions from turkey hunters -

His words , and thoughts would be a living tribute to great , great man we all admire -

From what I understand Lovetts daughter Heather , will be for the time being continue to operate and make available many of his fine publications , Lovett loved books  - ph# (518) 788-7342

I will keep you updated --Shannon

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