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18-1/2” Barrel for 12g 870

Started by LMO, July 10, 2024, 06:05:32 PM

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I've been trying to find a 21" barrel for one of 12 ga 870's for quite a while now with no leads, Carson's offers an 18-1/2" and I was planning on starting with an Indian Creek .665 and trying Foxtrot TSS Straight 8's, does anyone have experience patterning with a barrel this short, good or bad I'd love to hear, Thanks

Bottomland OG

I have a few Remingtons with 21" barrels. They all shoot good. I also have a Mossburg 940 with the 18 1/2" barrel and it's lights out. I just don't do the tss thing in a 12ga. The tss in that IC .665 will definitely be mean.

James gang

I've got several 21s also don't shoot tss either  a friend of mine bought one of those 18.5 barrels and it's not remchoke threads but does shoot good


Just had a 870 20 gauge cut down to 21 inch by RAS and it shoots great.


I have a Rem. Super Magnum 3.5" 12 Ga. I bought a spare 3" barrel for it.  It is a matte finish rifle sight, Rem. Choke 20" barrel.  I use a factory Rem. "Ventilator" .655 choke.  My favorite load is the old now discontinued Federal Premium 3" 2 oz. #7 1/2 shot. It handles very nice in the woods with the 20" barrel and patterns are very good!
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