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Reed colors

Started by Bowguy, May 23, 2024, 05:11:24 PM

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Fellas I've tried to research this and couldn't find the info. Anyhow regarding reed colors do they signify anything? As in if say red was same thickness as green, black, etc. Do the colors matter


Mr. Sam from Gooserbat has a nice write up on his website. Check it out and order some calls!




Quote from: Bowguy on May 23, 2024, 05:11:24 PM...regarding reed colors do they signify anything? As in if say red was same thickness as green, black, etc. Do the colors matter

From my experience, the two considerations based strictly on the reed/latex/proph material are 1) the thickness of the material (for example: proph,.0025, .003, .004, .005, etc.) and 2) the color of the materials of the same thickness.

The composition of the batch of latex from which the latex pieces for turkey calls are cut can impact the "turkey sounds" those pieces of latex will produce.  For instance, a piece of .003 green may/will sound different than, say, .003 black, gray, or natural when stretched to the same tension in a call. The same goes for any other thickness of latex batched in different colors.

In other words, a call constructed of combinations of the same thicknesses of material in one call may sound entirely different than a call constructed of the same thickness combinations made of different colors of materials.

Now, some of those differences can be moderated with variations in the tension of the material, the reed "stagger", and the cuts...even when using different colors of materials.  However, the process of sorting all of that out can be quite involved...and often requires a lot of patience.

The bottom line is that the color of materials of the same thickness can vary a bit in their composition which impact "turkey sounds"...all other factors being the same...from other colors of the same thickness.  Whether that is a function of the dye color put in any one batch of latex...or just caused by minute variations in the batch composition...is anybody's guess.


Thank you Gobblenut. All I've used is natural and you answered the question exactly as I was wondering. Appreciate it