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Cody Calls

Started by The Baron, May 02, 2024, 04:23:23 AM

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Greg Massey

Bill and his wife are both up in age and moving a lot slower these days. SO my suggestion, be patient and yes sometimes you will get the voice mail box no setup, but other times you can also leave a message so you just have to keep trying. You also have to realize a bunch of people try and make contact with them and order calls. I was fortunate after trying several times to make contact with them and order some calls and they shipped them within a few days.

So my suggestion is keep trying and understand the situation. They are awesome people Bill and his wife. 


I've been waiting on a world class for well over a year now. Try to call every once in a while but don't get anyone and haven't gotten a call back when I'm able to leave a voicemail. I have bought 2 off eBay and paid more than the price list and  Don't regret it at all either, I have resold 1 and kept 1. They are great calls and I was able to get one called up and killed the 2nd time out this past spring with the one I got off ebay. Can't put a price tag on a great hunt. I know everyone gets busy and will remain patient