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which 20ga semi-auto?

Started by sswv, April 12, 2024, 05:10:34 PM

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let me start off by saying "I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER TURKEY GUN" but, I sorta want another semi-auto. I'm looking at the Tri-Star Raptor youth camo and the LSI/Hatsen Escort youth camo. The prices are close and compared to other brands they are in about anyone's budget.  I had an Escort several years ago but didn't keep it no time because a young fellow needed a rabbit gun. Anyway, who all has hands on experience with either of these? Which one would you choose and why? I only shoot LBXR #6's by the way.

thanks in advance


If I am not mistaken they are the same gun the only difference is the cosmetics that the brand wanted. If they shoot like the old weatherby sa08 put a Indian Creek.555 in it and you should be good to go!


My son has a Tristar raptor youth and it will flat out shoot! We shoot the Carlson longboard choke and Apex TSS #9's. It'll put 275 in a 10 inch circle at 40. Been a good dove gun for him too.


I think most of those guns come out of the same factory.

I had the Raptor in 12 gauge. It's a good gun if you can get past the intermittent cycling issues,  occasional failure to fire, and trigger group pin popping out every few rounds. Also the sling swivel attachment breaks if you try using ..

Haven't had a Hatsen but they seem to be about the same quality based on reviews I've seen. They have trouble with fore end cracking.


I have a mint Franchi Affinity Elite cobalt/optifade camo with a 26" barrel I am selling if it's something you would be interested in.

Lcmacd 58

I have a Retay turkey in 20 guage with a Sumtoy tube that is doing a phenomenal job this season.

James gang

I have my FFL and have ordered both of those guns idk where u are but I can usually get the escort quite a bit cheaper.I also would take it over the tri star just my opinion though haven't had any complaints on the tri stars I've got for people.

Greg Massey

I looked at some nice Retay today and I really like them...