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May 1st bird down in Canada(story and pics added)

Started by canadatom, May 01, 2012, 10:00:53 AM

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After seven hard days of hunting I got a nice Tom down. 22lbs 2 oz, 10 7/8 beard and 7/8 spurs. Pics and story will follow later after everything is cleaned up.

Having hunted the same spot the day before and seeing 4 Toms and 4 Jakes all wandering around without hens I had a good feeling about this morning. Only problem was the group of Jakes were chasing any Tom that came to field right out, like they owned the field.
Set-up a little further down tree line than day before hoping to entice somebody in before gang of jakes showed up. First light there was lots of gobbling around but all quite a ways away, then I heard the unmistakable half gobble of the jakes just over my shoulder in the woods and thought crap. About ten minutes later I do some light calling and hear a gobble to the north across a concession road about 300 yards away. Ten minutes after that I see a big white head coming to edge of field, guess  the roadway was not a concern to him. He hits field and starts gobbling and strutting, takes him about 30 minutes to come across field which is only 150 yards across. He seemed a little nervous as was I waiting for the jakes to come out and chase him away like the previous day, the constant gobbling I thought for sure would bring them running but they never should up. At one point a farm truck came down the concession road and it sure seemed to strike a nerve with him as he turned and gobbled in the direction of the truck 4 times. Finally he worked into range and I dropped him at 7:00 am

Back at it in the morning to try and upgrade



That gives us 9 birds now.  Nothing left to do now but upgrade.  Good work guys... :happy0064:


Way to get it done ct!!  Congrats.







That is a beautiful bird my friend. Congrats on our 9th bird. Good job, hope your season continues to be successful.  :icon_thumright:



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