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Remington nitro turkey

Started by 7600, May 24, 2023, 05:25:55 PM

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Have any of you guys ever used remington nitro turkey  ammo, 12 gauge 3 inch 15/8 ounce? If you have, what was your opinion,

b wilt

Shoots good out of my Remington's, I prefer the #6's over the 5's myself, and to me they are a 30 yard load. jmo.

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No way am I limiting myself to 30 yd loads with a 12 ga. Having said that, I have a beautiful turkey on the wall that I killed with a 3" Rem Nitro 1&5/8 load of 6s way back in the day before we had the options we have now. Killed him at 22 steps IIRC.


I just gave away a box of 5's I had had for years because they were the only option at the time but my gun hated them. I shot 6's. I only shoot out to 40 max and try to keep it to 30 and under and would even if I were using TSS By the way my gun did shoot the 6's rather well but just does not like 5's from any manufacture.
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These are garbage. I would rather throw rocks then shoot rem nitros. They pattern lousy and they kill even worse.


I call them, Remington Nitro Crow.


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b wilt

6's pattern well out of my 870, but they are 30 to 35 yard rounds as earlier stated.


Killed a bunch with the 3" #5s over the years. Like anything else gotta find the gun and choke that likes them. My 835 and undertaker choke love them!


Nearer the bottom of the barrel most times imo

James gang

Have an 1100 with screw in Chokes that Will shoot them great it's really unbelievable.I killed a ton of turkeys with it no red dot now I shoot a short barrel gun with a red dot love the short barrel but it doesn't kill them any deader lol shells 4x as expensive too.


Killed a ton with a 11-87 had no problems. Now shoot TSS.


Never seen Nitro Turkey loaded with 1 5/8 ounce. 

Nitro Magnum yes but that load has been scarce for a long time.