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turkeys for tomorrow


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Any trappers here?

Started by ferocious calls, April 19, 2023, 11:57:26 AM

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RiverBuck what kind of cameras are you using thanks Jeff


I've been buying the Browning defender pro scout max and max extreme cameras for around $70 a pop. Great cameras. Worth every penny in not having to check traps every day.


Thanks riverbuck appreciate it


Been trapping since I was 13 years old. Introduced the kids to it this season. We ran traps for a couple months on 180 acres. Wound up with 6 coyote, 2 bobcats, 10 possum, 9 coon, 3 skunk, 3 otter, a beaver, and a ground hog total.

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ferocious calls

Wow! Sorry just saw this. That cat looks a few years old on a lean diet. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!


Trap coons and canines when I get frustrated trying to bring them in with a call. Love predator calling almost as much as turkey hunting.