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New here!!!

Started by padalinodavid576, March 03, 2023, 06:40:13 PM

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Guys am new here Nice meeting you all Am David by name.

Old Gobbler

Quote from: padalinodavid576 on March 03, 2023, 06:40:13 PM
Guys am new here Nice meeting you all Am David by name.
okay guys here is the Modus Operandi .. I'm moved the post here to show you how scammers operate

This new member is actually a email scammer ...I've deleted about 20 of these guys recently...

1) he registers to the forum ...

2) makes a welcome post ..I actually deleted 10 posts of folks welcoming him etc...he then gets comfortable...examine the WTB posts them to step 3

3 )  send emails through messages telling folks a " buddy has what you want " this is the email here is what he sent to a valued member ....Hi there, my old man has it for sale, reach him at *******"""@gmail.com for details and condition

I left the email up there to show you how the scam works ...they will send hundreds of messages in the hopes they get a bite

5) they HATE PayPal ...because PayPal will reverse the payment once fraud is discovered , cash app and cashier's checks will do ...they cash them and your money is 

They do this because it works ...one guy will send them $40 for a fishing reel , choke , call...heck as I write this they were trying to sell the 2023 boney patch ...and even I don't have those because as I type this the factory hasn't shipped them to me yet

They are trying to skirt the anti low post rules I have by going to messages
again ....do not buy from low posters ...get payment in secure payment .

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Old Gobbler

When you see "guest" in their profile..I've deleted their profile but not their posts ..I'm leaving those up here to show you what's up

I deleted another guy today with 3 posts selling a vest ,a popular thing these days ..and a $500 niel cost striker

Be aware !!!
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thanks for keeping us informed on this shannon
"For thy name's sake, O LORD, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great."


Thanks, Shannon for the information.  Everyone needs to read this, so they can see what is going on and see what you are putting up with.  Hopefully everyone understands why the rules are, THE WAY THEY ARE!


I honestly don't even try to buy or sell anything on a forum until l "put my time in" for this very reason.

Thanks for the heads up!



Thank you !!  I've receieved a couple responses from this account!