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Rank commercial TSS

Started by compton30, March 02, 2023, 10:01:58 AM

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  My 870 12 ga  3" does fine with a .680 Carlson and Apex #8 1/2.  My .410 likes the 9 !/2 Apex Ninjas with a Jebs Headhunter extra full.  If you can't find someone to loan you a few to try it can be a frustrating and expensive experience.  I prefer an even pattern over a very tight one.  Good luck.


These are the ones that I have tried and have tested.
1 Nitro- Nitro Company in Missouri not to be confused with Remington Nitro.
2 Foxtrot ammo
3 Apex
4 Burgess Creek
5 Federal
6 Remington - have more tests soon

I get the best results with my handloads. I know that everyone can't do this. I have had some folks say that it is not economical, but I disagree. Plus, I absolutely enjoy seeing what I have seen with the loads that I have made.

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Herter's has served me well out of my 20 gauge with the .562 IC....



I've shot Federals, APEX and Herters. Herters by far shoot better out of my 20 gauge and are a lot cheaper and more FPS than other TSS.
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I've only patterned the federals and apex in my 20 ga. Between those 2 apex outperformed the federal by a long shot

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only have used federal and the rogue....in a 12 or 410....both are deadly for sure the 410 easily could harvest at 50 yards if need be....my 12 i dont like them inside of 30 its so tight


#1 Apex in 12 or 20g. Did not like the federal at all. Just didn't pattern as well. Just my 2 cents.

Spring Creek Calls

For me these 3 rank high for performance, price and shipping cost.
Burgess Creek
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