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Can't follow rules ...no problem!

Started by Old Gobbler, February 25, 2023, 08:27:56 AM

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Old Gobbler

Did you know there are thousands upon thousands of professional scammers that spend all day prowling the internet making fake adds to get easy money?

Did you know that if you post a classifieds add without pictures ..it simply won't sell and if I see it you will not only get that add deleted ..but there's a good chance I delete your account as well !

Did you know that the # 1 way that if your a convicted felon or nut job  to aquire a firearm is to get it from a fraudulent transaction like the internet .

Also did you know that many of the people participating in those transactions are actually members of our law enforcement agencies... 1 violation is 5 years in jail ! read the news people get busted like this all the time ..it's not a joke and anyone attempting to sell or purchase a firearm will be removed permanently from the site

There are these things called "gun stores"  and sites like GunBroker that are set up to legally conduct  transactions, they have literally anything and everything you could want ...but convicted felons and nut jobs ( won't be allowed to pass a back ground check there...) So they make adds in places like this in the hopes that you will "hook em ' up ...hope your home owners insurance is up to date ! Cause when that lawyer comes a knocking you'll be needing that policy !

We have rules in place all over the forum ! All of them intended to protect the members from being taken advantage by perfect strangers posting up fraudulent adds

how do I spot these scammers ...easy read below

Did you know that 99.9999percent of fraud is committed by one or more of these groups !

1 ) low post members

2) adds with no picture....we actually have a bazillion posts warning against this !!!

3) people sending personal messages re-directing them to a different email for payment

4) people you don't know  asking for a un,-retrievable payment platform , like "friends and family"PayPal , cash app and the like ..once that $$ is sent ...poof it's gone !

I've deleted so many of these accounts I created a entire new classified area just for special folks and speed up the process of you  being removed !

Post below..and I'll get to you faster than ever before !
:wave:  OG .....DRAMA FREE .....


ol bob