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Grand Nationals & all the others

Started by Tribute Custom Calls, February 09, 2024, 11:26:44 AM

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Tribute Custom Calls

With all the call maker contests going on around the country last month and coming up, I'm really surprised this topic isn't seeing more posts. From a call maker perspective I wish they were a little more spread out. But it's more my fault than anything because I don't make more calls during my off season. Mostly because the older I get there is no off season unfortunately. I am going to Nashville for the first time in over 15 years, so with any luck, perhaps I might see a few of you fellas there.
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Meleagris gallopavo

Good luck at Nationals!

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turkey stew

Good luck at nationals. I wish I could go.

Tribute Custom Calls

I appreciate the good wishes. One thing I do wish would happen, is that these call making contests were a little more spread out, for a couple of reasons. First being that with most of these competitions happening in about a 6 week time frame from each other and most entries being sold online, it saturates the market. Great for the collector and guys looking for a custom call, but not so great for the entity putting it on when it's a fund raiser type event, which most of them are. The other reason from a call makers perspective, that's a lot of calls to make when most of us have to still work for a living and have other seasonal commitments during the course of the year. I really enjoy the call making hobby and do tend to procrastinate more than I should, but I really wish the promoters would spread it out a little.
Share the knowledge and introduce somebody to the Outdoors