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Gooserbat cold as ICE giveaway. We Have A Winner!!!

Started by Gooserbat, January 30, 2016, 10:15:04 PM

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Accidentally bumping the thermostat in fridge and turning every liquid to ice.

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The Ice cold beer at the end of a successful day.


Wading a creek deeper than your boots in March right at dawn, knowing it's going to be a long morning.


one day during the fall season, 12 degrees with 15mph wind
my tongue stuck to the icy cold brass mouthpiece on my yelper like that kid in the BB gun movie.


Sleet two days in a row on my first Merriams hunt last year in Nebraska.


Quote from: Gooserbat on January 30, 2016, 10:15:04 PM
It's that time.  First Gooserbat Giveaway of 2016.  I'm giving away a double pack of my new ICE diaphragms.  It's a two reed easy blowing Incredible Calling Experience.

Rules are easy.  You respond to this thread before Tuesday 10:00 pm and your entered for a call.  Winner is decided as always with the serial # of a random bill from my wallet.  Let's do the second and next to last  numeric didget in the serial number. 

What I want to know is a cold as ICE answer.  Tell us the first thing that comes to mind that's ice cold you've encountered while turkey hunting. 

I'll start out with, ICE cold creek water over the boots.

Winner is post #6. Mote1977. Congratulations I'll be sending a pm for shipping details.
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One of my personal current interests is nest predators and how a majority of hunters, where legal bait to the extent of chumming coons.  However once they get the predators concentrated they don't control them.


Congrats Mote I'm jealous ;). Really cool you did this gooserbat.

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Congrats Mote! And thanks to Gooserbat for the doing the giveaway


Quote from: jayjay on February 03, 2016, 07:49:08 AM
Congrats Mote! And thanks to Gooserbat for the doing the giveaway
Totally Agree.... Congrats & Thanks


Awesome , thanks for the chance. Your Bacon was my go to call last season. Can't wait to try this new call. Thanks again.



Congrats brother! And another pat on the back for Gooserbat.

Call 'em close, It's the most fun you'll ever have doing the right thing.