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Author Topic: Decided to test the shoulder today  (Read 763 times)

Offline Sir-diealot

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Decided to test the shoulder today
« on: June 20, 2020, 01:09:41 PM »
It has been just over a year since my second shoulder surgery on my left should (June 7 2019) I bought the Fred Bear video library and I guess watching it kind of motivated me to see how I would do drawing my bow which is at about 63# @29" and I did much better drawing it back than I thought I would, got it back with little pain. Letting it down did not feel to keen but it gives me some hope for this year. Oh I am shooting a PSE Carrea I got before my car accident in 2001 I do want to go down to a 45-55 lb. bow though still. Not sure my bow is worth much in trade even if it has not had near the use the age suggests it would have had.

Now I want to try to get a string for my old Ben Pearson Cougar which is a recurve and see how I do with that.

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