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Author Topic: Spring Trumpet Practice  (Read 430 times)

Offline davisd9

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Spring Trumpet Practice
« on: March 11, 2020, 10:17:10 AM »
We are getting close to our private low country opener here in South Carolina and life has prevented me from running my trumpets much the last couple of weeks.  It is amazing the little things that you can lose in a couple weeks of not running them.  My air control is a little down but got better as I ran the calls.  The Prudhomme is not really a trumpet to Kee on but these were especially bad and I drew too much air on a few cutts.  Got little over a week to fine tune some and I can already feel it coming back a little. 

Any tips or feedback is always appreciated, thanks!

Prudhomme Trumpet (Desert Ironwood with Medical Resin Mouthpiece) - https://youtu.be/BRVXvwDsAwo

Pedelahore Trumpet (Boid de Rose with Ivory Mouthpiece) - https://youtu.be/eTjwA5bb9nw

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