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Author Topic: Guns N' Hoses contest entries  (Read 85 times)

Online RutnNStrutn

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Guns N' Hoses contest entries
« on: January 24, 2020, 05:01:36 PM »
This thread is ONLY for the photos and scores of our official contest entries!!
Please post a separate thread where you can tell the story, post pics and the guys can congratulation you..
When you enter a bird, make sure you have ALL the measurements and the correct pictures posted. These are the pictures that need to be posted.
1-Hunter/bird/stat sheet picture showing your Old Gobbler forum name, the date, weight of your bird, beard measurement, spur measurements, and score, preferably using the Guns N' Hoses score sheet.
2-Beard measurement picture with both ends of beard in picture. If need be, take a second picture of the end of the beard to show the exact measurement. Remember, only the longest beard of a multi-bearded gobbler counts towards your contest score.
3 & 4-Clear measurement pictures of each spur. Remember, only the longest spur of a multi-spurred gobbler counts towards your contest score.
5-Weight picture including scale and at least part of the bird. If need be, take a second picture with a close up of the scale. If you do not take a picture of your gobbler on a scale, Old Gobbler will assign you 14 pounds as a default, or 10 pounds if it's a jake.

- If you kill another bird that is larger than just make sure you post that it is an upgrade for your bird.
- Before starting your season, please refer to the 2020 Official Contest Rules thread Old Gobbler posted. Here is the link.

- Please use the Gobblermatic Scoring Calculator for scores.

- Revised rules for 2020 - Team members need to post their own individual pictures to the contest entry thread and do it on a timely manner, soon after the kill, pictures not posted by members need to be reposted asap - this is to ensure there are no fake member profiles and there is no shenanigans.
- Contest pictures must be posted within 7 days of harvest and must clearly show the hunter in the picture with good precise and accurate measurements, with a sheet of paper with the screen name, date of harvest and written measurements.
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