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Offering WA, OR, & ID (& BC) for all other states

Started by avidnwoutdoorsman, December 10, 2019, 03:07:35 PM

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I'm another one of those folks that is casually ticking off his Super Slam. Should be at the quarter mark after the 2020 season. Bit of a hail-Mary but figured I should throw this out. Will take any an all assistance for chasing birds in each state across America. I'm more of a DIY public land kind of hunter but wont pass on a private property opportunity.

Washington, born and raised. Have shot the Washington Single Season Slam (Eastern, Merriam, Rio). I own 84 acres in prime (Merriam) turkey area of WA that will trade access to private access in another state. I can absolutely help you with any and all hunting in WA and will trade a hunt for your home state. Private or Public.
Why hunt WA? It's fairly inexpensive for non-residents with all OTC tags, there is a high success rate in this state, and you are allow 2 spring birds, plus a quick trip to ID will bag you 2 more. We also have three species, though wouldn't come to WA for an Eastern (~30 are harvested a year compared to 3000+ Merriams). Real Tree-Turkey Nation graded this state as an "A" for turkey hunting.

Oregon, I know some people that have way too many birds (joke about paying hunters to hunt) so can set you up with a hunt there, or direct you to some good public hunting.

Idaho, you don't need private and can tell you where to be successful quick (my average ID turkey hunt is under 2 hrs from crossing the border, to locating and calling a bird, to having it on the ground)

BC, I don't have private access but can tell you were the public birds can be found.

If I'm not currently chasing birds when you come hunt, I will even go with you if you want.
Keep Calm and Gobble On!


Keep Calm and Gobble On!



Being from Idaho I don't have anything to offer, but encouragement.  Good to see a fellow Northwestern pursuing the super slam!

"I remember the gobblers that eluded my best efforts far better than those that I bagged, and I am sure I learned more from them." Earl Groves (from the book TOM FOOLERY 2000)


I can help you with WV, KY, and OH on private and show you great public in VA. I'm 18 states in and typically do 3-5 new states per year. Would like to knock out WA, ID, and OR in one trip.

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