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Author Topic: Digital pH Meter  (Read 33184 times)

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Digital pH Meter
« on: June 10, 2019, 05:12:49 PM »
The NWTF has a Digital pH Meter on their site put out by Biologic. I was just wondering if anybody has used this model and what their opinion of it is? If not a good model could another be suggested? https://seedstore.nwtf.org/digital-ph-meter.html

Where I hunt they don't think much of testing the ground, but I have been told if I buy something they will plant it in the area I hunt. I would like to test the soil in that area and see what comes up.

I am just getting them some turnips like they requested when I asked what they would want for this year, but want to know what to get for the portion I am allowed on to plant next year.

I want something for turkey and deer and if possible rabbits as there seem to be a lot of them there as well. I know habitat management would be better, but that is not on me. 
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