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Author Topic: New M3500 getting set-up  (Read 4992 times)

Offline maytom

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New M3500 getting set-up
« on: September 15, 2019, 06:16:38 AM »
First new gun I bought in quite some time. Loved the idea of a recoil operated semi-auto with a pistol gripped stock in Mossy Oak Obsession camo.
The Stoeger M3500 fit the bill very nicely indeed. Sent out the barrel to pro-Port to be ported and the forcing cone lengthened, Picked up a Pattern master Code Black Turkey choke sized .665 along with a custom ordered Leupold ultra-light 2.5X scope. Sent out the trigger assembly to Briley Mfg. for a custom trigger assembly since the stock trigger was very terrible. It's a Match Quality trigger now complete with a trigger shoe. Haven't patterned my new toy yet. Will post some patterns when time comes. Love this gun!!!