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Author Topic: OG Forum Rules  (Read 6782 times)

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OG Forum Rules
« on: February 11, 2012, 12:35:49 PM »
the site rules - these are the rules we will live by so we can get along with no issue(s)

General Rules

We have one basic rule here "BE NICE." For those who are not nice we reserve the right to revoke your posting ,viewing ,and membership privileges at our sole discretion.

This is a privately owned and operated forum. Being a member , viewing and posting here, is a privilege not a right. OG is maintained to a standard that allows your young children to log onto here and see nothing offensive.

Turkey Guns Related Rules
  Every hunter owes it to the game that he hunts to have equipment or try to get even more effective equipment to a place clean ,decisive, kill - Newer and more refined turkey gun equipment is available to accomplish this ,in some instances the side effect is that the effective range may me increased somewhat over what is determined to be acceptable  -  Easy with public declarations of how far you think you can kill a gobbler , there are some very persuadable folks out there , think of the image problem this causes for the sport  ,  crippled  game , game that wont be there next year to hunt .

1) Thou shall not engage in stupid Ford vs. Chevy BS - we don't care for it , if some product it doesn't work for you , then... that's exactly right it doesn't work for you .No jumping around like a fool rodeo clown , say something nice, or don't say nothing at all -

2) Thou shall not engage in product bashing , any company has every right to make anything the way they deem fit - it is their company .... If you find a product from another company that suits your needs better , then use that product instead .If you have issue with a company take it up with them and resolve it privately , OG is not a complaint hotline  NO PRODUCT BASHING!

3) Thou shall watch what they say publicly - pertaining to extended shots -No public over 40 yard  talk  . What you do in your neck of the woods is your business , If it is over 40 yards, just keep it to yourself  -  Many people come in to view it , and some of these are the no so experienced, and will try and duplicate the same scenario with less that satisfactory results { crippled game} this is very harmful for turkey hunting -

4) Thou shall not talk of stupid shots If you took a long shot at a gobbler and that gobbler was crippled or got away , its your fault , you pulled the trigger - "we the forum"  also don't want to hear about your miss adventure , it only creates a predictable  hostile thread , and portrays a poor image of turkey hunting -

5) Thou shall not act like a "internet hero",everyone is entitled to a opinion ,but we have had  in the past had 1 or 2 that have started their own Kool-Aid franchise -  Keep it helpful , friendly , and" For Real"

6) Compatibility***  the choke company makes only the choke , the ammo company only makes the ammo, the shotgun company only makes the shogun --- with the ever increasing development and refinement of each one of these items , it is hard for each one of them to keep track what the other is doing in regards to compatibility - if you are in doubt , contact those folks to make sure it is safe -

7) By viewing any post(s)  or responding to any post you agree to hold Old Gobbler.com, its owners, members , advertisers, employees and moderators (know hence forth as “WE”) harmless in all actions and are agreeing to abide by all the rules set forth by Old Gobbler.com. By posting or reading an ad, you are agreeing that WE will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message, the selling, buying, or trading of any item, product, or service. You also agree that in no way will WE be held liable for any transaction or post  at the Old Gobbler.com, including but not limited to injury and/or death. By reading  or creating a post, or making a transaction, you are agreeing to these terms.

8 )BE SAFE !!!!  a shotgun is not a toy !!Be careful of what you are pointing it at ,and that it is in safe and working condition  

   Classifieds rules

1)  NO SALE of FIREARMS or anything requiring a FFL due to legal reasons.

2) Post a picture ,every single item listed for sale requires a actual picture of the item  - if there is no picture it will get yanked down right on the spot - this is to thwart scam artists

3) Mark all Sold items as Sold

4) All classifieds are at your own risk - use precautions to protect yourself Buyer/Seller Beware:Meaning if you do not know who you are buying/trading/selling with, make sure you take appropriate safeguards to protect yourself (getting full name, complete address, phone number, etc)

5) If you send payment via the USPS, it is a federal felony not to honor the transaction once you cash a check or M.O.

6) Make sure you follow up on all transactions (acknowledging you received payment, received the product, etc.)

7) Sellers, it is REQUIRED to ship with some sort of delivery confirmation or tracking of your packages.  This protects YOU as the seller.  

8 ) Turkey Hunting Related industry only.  No Viagra, or any of that other BS, or you will be banned!

9) List a Firm Price only - no auctions best offers or the like

10) By listing an ad or responding to an ad you agree to hold Old Gobbler.com, its owners, employees and moderators (know hence forth as “WE”) harmless in all transactions and are agreeing to abide by all the rules set forth by Old Gobbler.com. By posting or reading an ad, you are agreeing that WE will NOT be held responsible for the content of any message, the selling, buying, or trading of any item, product, or service. You also agree that in no way will WE be held liable for any transaction at the Old Gobbler.com, including but not limited to injury and/or death. By creating a post, or making a transaction, you are agreeing to these terms.

Turkey Calls Sections Rules

For many of you who are interested in selling product on OG , here is a basic rundown of how the site can be utilized for the sale of your own call's etc... and this is straight from the horses mouth- The Gift Horse that is -We encourage any of you to do sell or show you wares here -Turkey hunters love turkey calls , and you don't need a invitation

 Unlike a website that is single brand centric - lets say Cocacola.com where the sole intention is to promote 1 product from 1 company OldGobbler.com is a shared community made up of many companies/craftsmen {think town water well}, all get along harmoniously it is our job to make sure it does ,  we reserve the right at our sole discretion to remove any person who presence here is disruptive to the harmony , peace & quiet, and betterment of the rest of the turkey hunters here . We have seen it all , from keyboard hero's to people who are not even allowed to own a firearm trying to highjack the forum for their own self serving interests  --If your up to no good take your self the time cause we will bounce you off the site for good

  The #1 thing people have to say about OG is that everyone is nice and friendly , there isn't any hostility like on other places , that's why the site does so well -  

A)Selling items is FREE   :wave:

B)You can network on the site and show calls to get your name out ,build up clients, again FREE

C ) You can meet other turkey hunters and callmakers   and form good friends, times etc..

 Sweet deal huh? yep we don't ask anything in return for hosting and maintaining the site, the only thing we ask is that members do not cause us trouble , that eats up our time and we have better things to do than figure out what some guys turkey call is doing -  
Of course you cant make everyone happy , we try .....  here is a rundown of some types people who are not happy with that heck of a deal we run here -

1) People who have a personality disorder that prevents them from interacting in a public situation with out being pleasant , you know the types that get voted of Survivor Island first - the nice way of saying a Jerk , or your  brother-in-law

2) People who are unable to comply with our only rule the "  Be Nice " rule- every last member is this way , if they are not , we try and fix it ....if we cant fix it , OG isn't for them bye,bye!

3) People who partake in jealous gossip like a little girl { causing a disruptive atmosphere by negatively commenting here or elsewhere to create trouble}smack talk  

4) People who play games by running off potential sales rivals by engaging in a systematic plan to harass others ,{ running all the other bulls out of the field so that they can have all the cows to them selves}

5) People who play games by recruiting troublemakers to start trouble to try and wear down sales rivals {having others do their dirty work} we call them groupies , Groupies are often rewarded for performing troublesome favors by asking for free or deeply discounted product , they like your free stuff.... not you ....  

6) People who pose a distracting presence due to long standing conflicts or have a self serving competing interests that are counter to benefiting the members here - they got issues , its their problem not ours  
7) We don't do the callmaker drama game - This is not real house wives of New Jersey

8 ) We don't do the callmaker groupie/troublemaker game here -  do not recruit them , groupies are nothing but trouble

9) We don't do the "smootcher" game here - Warning to all CallMakers , be cautious of giving out calls in return for favors from members claiming to help promote or sell calls -


   Company Rules
 OldGobbler.com for free.....  allows one individual owner of a  call company or turkey related product to place (1) company banner/hyperlink   in their (1) individual signature line on their profile. { not someone Else's / no flooding the forum !!}  you get 1 company banner to place in 1 profile - If we swap banners , you get to use 1 banner in your profile , not 20 like the side of a NASCAR race car - your 1 banner in your 1 profile
....  -

 However, if any company proprietor chooses to place their banner or website url in their OldGobbler.com individual profile and the administration of Old Gobbler feels that banner or url is not in the best interset of this site or members it may be removed without recourse.  Any callmaker  posting a Banner/ hyperlinks need to have an arrangement with Oldgobbler.com  or a reciprocating banner or link placed on thus said site back to OldGobbler.com, this is customary and is expected.

A banner or text needs to be  approved first before placing in a profile   - If you need the OG graphic/link contact the admin privately for details first -

Outfitters & Guiding: - Absolutely no guiding service types of ads are allowed on the forum or in the classified  section.  "Guides" are not allowed to "solicit " the forum / hunt swap classifieds for customers. Only trusted paid advertisers who are approved guides are allowed to have any links in their profile or post rates, hyperlinks to their business, etc.

PROSTAFF ******Only Paid Trusted advertisers are permitted  to have "prostaff"   - no pro-staff notations and/or banners  or mention of with out expressed individual pre-approval of the admin of this privately owned site .    

The terms and conditions of this agreement are subject to change without notice for the overall good of this site and it's members

Almost all issues start with  2 conflicting people , or groups of people - not us the staff  , they start to quarreling and create a disruption on the site - The members do not like that and we are notified - Like Divorce court , 1 person sometimes both are going to walk out of the situation not happy - All members are expected to avoid troublesome situations so that we don't get involved -

The OG site will continue to grow and benefit turkey hunters , a squeaky clean maintenance of the site has been key to its success - We want to extend to all new members to fully utilize its many features

Best regards --Shannon
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