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Newbie looking for suggestions

Started by JeepKuntry, May 13, 2019, 07:26:17 PM

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I have been using mouth calls for 3 weeks now. Looking for suggestions on improving the cluck and pur. Want to ve ready to add the mouth call to my arsenal next year. Call is the Woodhaven Toxic Orange.

tha bugman

SOunds like you are off to a good start.  On the cluck I would put a bit more pressure on the bottom reed and say the word "Shuck".  It is going to sound way louder than it needs to be, but you can then start playing with the amount of air and pressure needed to make the note.  There are several ways to make the purr, but by far IMO the easiest is fluttering the lips like a motor boat.  Scott Ellis has a really good YouTube explanation on lip fluttering.  It is way more flutter than you would think, and again it is probably going to be louder than you want until you learn to tone it down and make it subtle.  I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my calling and I know that the more that I listen to quality callers (Dave Owens, Shane Simpson, Scott Ellis etc.) The more that I am starting to get an ear for the sounds that I am wanting to make as well as the cadence/rhythm and calling sequence.  Hope this helps and Good luck!