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turkeys for tomorrow

Quick trip report...

Started by MDbowman, April 17, 2019, 09:43:33 PM

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Just got back from my short trip to VA and WV. Once again I stuck out on the farm in VA. The birds are there but hard to keep them on the property I can hunt.
Fortunately WV was a different story. Monday was cold with intermittent rain and snow showers but a constant 20-30 mph wind. Got lucky and struck one, he was almost in range when he gobbled. 0900 headed down to the truck. Day 2 was beautiful. Clear 35 degrees, no wind. Thought they would be hammering but quiet again. Thought I was hearing a gobble at the opposite end of the farm. Headed that way and could see a couple strutters in a small pasture woodlot. the one closest to me had a couple hens with him. Gave some soft yelps and the hens answered back. 15 min later they pulled him up the hill to me.

MD opens tomorrow. Looking forward to it!


Nice work.  Looks like a beautiful place to turkey hunt.   

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