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Started by Catfishlee, April 12, 2019, 02:57:16 PM

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 I have the turkey edition versa max. I have noticed there is not a lot of post on the internet about this gun in relation to various turkey choke/load patterns.  I would like to try a different choke.  I purchased an Indian Creek but it did worse than the factory.  I like shooting long beard 3-1/2 in 4 or 5's.  Chokes are expensive for trial and error so was curios what results you have to post and how it compared to the factory choke.  I am interested in seeing how the Carlson long beard choke would compare and also the Jebs.  The Jebs get even more complicated in they offer so many different constrictions and are on the higher end of trial and error.   


Buddy has one and he runs he Factory turkey choke in his.

It's deadly with LB 5's, Mag Blends and TSS 8.5's.


I have the versamax Turkey and I'm shooting the jebs headhunter .655 with 3.5" longbeard #6. Shoots lights out. Really good patterns. I tried 3" heavy shot #6s but it didnt like it


I have a V3 which is similar in comparison in 26". See Browning TSS vs Federal TSS post, it may help you. May not.

Old Gobbler

I have a versamax with a sumtoy chokes ...they shoot TIGHT ...five William a hollar
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What construction  and load you using?


Sumtoy with long beards #5 scary tight @20yds

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I have a Sumtoy & Pattern Master Code black that my Versa Max likes with just about any #5


I have a VersaMax and shoot a SumToy. Throws a great pattern with Longbeards and TSS. This is at 40 yards with 3.5" Federal 7-9 TSS. Didn't do a count but there are several in the 10".

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King Cobra

I shoot a Versa max sportsman turkey gun with a Carson's .665 long beard choke. The shell that works best for me is the Federal 3 in. TSS #9 shot. My gun also likes a fowled barrel.
Thanks to all who share this great passion and the wealth of knowledge you bring to this board.


I have a kicks 665 that I'll sell you. I sold the gun