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turkeys for tomorrow

Team b

Started by Old Gobbler, March 02, 2019, 05:21:28 PM

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Delmar ODonnell

Gentlemen, my season was made this evening. My dad, who has never killed a turkey, came to hunt with me this weekend on Nebraska public land and it has been a struggle. Birds have been roosting so close to private it's been hard to get on them. This was possibly the last day, as rain and wind is predicted the morning and my dad has to leave tomorrow.

This evening we went to roost birds and I spotted 2 hens and a Tom. We kept driving without stopping, so we wouldn't spook them, and parked 500 yards or so away and doubled back to intercept them as they went to roost in the bottom. I couldn't decide if we should crest one ridge to get a better angle or stay put, and that decision was quickly made when one of the hens walked into view. A minute later he stepped out, and my dad made a great shot.

He was with me when I shot my first deer, and the emotions that go with that have come full circle as I was able to be with him when he shot his first turkey. I've had a great season, but I would've traded it all away for the memory we made this evening. "Just a jake," but I couldn't happier even if he had 2 inch hooks and a 12 inch beard.

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Congrats Delmar. I'm still working to get my old man his first. It's tough when you live a couple hours apart and only hunt a day or two together each year. This coming Saturday is that day. Hopefully I haven't burned up all my luck for this season yet.


CONGRATS to the both of you !!!!!!!!!!

Memories you'll NEVER forget.
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