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turkeys for tomorrow


Started by davisd9, February 06, 2019, 09:10:49 AM

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2019 Turkey Contest Rules

photobucket went caput guys...all old photobucket images are now pretty much gone ...including banners ...we're going to re host some contest rules pictures soon and we are going to come up with your contest entry picture hosting alternaties in the near future so stay calm 
This is a all in good fun contest, there will be no prizes , to keep things friendly and sporting--but it is a contest so it is understood that you will need some kind of  scale to play- I provided some good examples of how to score , and submit pictures to make this a smooth process-also  all Beards entered must have a picture clearly showing from the tip to the hairline - and multi beard turkeys must have pictures of the root of the beard where it is splitting to the tip(s) --  please keep in mind that the top scoring teams at the end of the game will have their measurements verified for accuracy, so be honest in scoring-- have a picture of you ,you may have your screen name and measurements clearly printed on sheet of paper -- post your kill to your teams kill thread , we will not be hunting down your score

  If you shoot better gobbler, repeat the process and your captain will upgrade the team score and keep a weekly running tally for all the other teams to keep track of who is winning

After a gobblers score is posted if I don't hear any issues about it after 2 weeks the score is final

It is the obligation of each contestant to score and submit their own gobblers and have that score posted along with your gobblers pictures to make the contest run smoothly, your own individual team captains will assist you in this process if you need help, the team captains will follow up to make sure this process runs smoothly and will post a weekly tally of the combined teams score , replacing a team members best scoring gobbler when needed--There is a maximum of 1 best scoring gobbler per that team member

The top 9 gobblers 1 per member max, will be the ones scored 

revised for 2018 ....  team members need to post their own individual pictures to the team score thread and do it on a timely manner, soon after the kill  , pictures not posted by members need to be reposted asap -- this s to ensure there are no fake member profiles and there is no shenanigans

The Team captain must be a member with at least 6 months membership(minimum) and at least (quality )200 posts in the last calendar year

At least  50% of any team must have a minimum of 50 posts or more per member to form a team

Each member must regester themselves to the contest

A son/daughter from the same houshold may register to play the contest , but they must have a minimum of 50 posts prior to registering to the contest

Contest pictures must be posted within 7 days of harvest and must clearly show the hunter in the picture with good precise and accurate measurements ,with a sheet of paper with the screen name ....date of harvest...and written measrements.

Bottom line ....take good pictures and post them up right away , no shady business

"We" the staff will not be hunting down your post on the forum board looking for what you killed - You make a post in your teams kill thread and try and score it - the captains will keep a running tally updated and posted of your teams progress

Take a picture of your gobbler on a scale - if you do not take a picture of your gobbler on a scale you will get 14 pounds as a default ...10 pounds if its a jake

only the longest beard of a multi bearded gobbler will be scored for the Team contest this is a subject of controversy , there may be a separate Individual non typical (not team ) contest gobblers may be scored in both but in the team contest only the longest beard or spur on each leg

Here is a example of what your score pictures need to look like to have your gobbler scored in the contest.  Notice the clear pictures with his forum information and the SCALE ect ect ect.... A beard measurement from HAIRLINE to TIP and using the correct spur measuring method with CLEAR  pictures showing the tape ruler

The link to the Gobblermatic scoring page .....http://oldgobbler.com/checkstation.htm

"A turkey hen speaks when she needs to speak, and says what she needs to say, when she needs to say it. So every word a turkey speaks is for a reason." - Rev Zach Farmer


I do not see any changes or revisions for 2019 but please check behind me and let me know if I missed something. Thanks!
"A turkey hen speaks when she needs to speak, and says what she needs to say, when she needs to say it. So every word a turkey speaks is for a reason." - Rev Zach Farmer