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Important Items for 2019

Started by davisd9, February 06, 2019, 08:59:25 AM

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Some added rules for this year, to my knowledge we fit all of these items:

2019 Additions:
Make sure to use the Team Scoring Sheet.  I made this mistake last year but did not cost us.  You have to have a scoring sheet in the official entry with you name and the date for it to be official.  Let's not let something like this hurt our score.

revised for 2018 ....  team members need to post their own individual pictures to the team score thread and do it on a timely manner, soon after the kill  , pictures not posted by members need to be reposted asap -- this s to ensure there are no fake member profiles and there is no shenanigans

The Team captain must be a member with at least 6 months membership(minimum) and at least (quality )200 posts in the last calendar year

At least  50% of any team must have a minimum of 50 posts or more per member to form a team

Each member must register themselves to the contest

A son/daughter from the same houshold may register to play the contest , but they must have a minimum of 50 posts prior to registering to the contest

Contest pictures must be posted within 7 days of harvest and must clearly show the hunter in the picture with good precise and accurate measurements ,with a sheet of paper with the screen name ....date of harvest...and written measrements.

Bottom line ....take good pictures and post them up right away , no shady business

Photobucket has gone to crap so other hosting sites are imgur.com and flickr.com.  I prefer imgur of the two, but I use it from a desktop.  Both of those hosting sites have apps for your phone, but I have found tapatalk to be the easiest way from a smart phone.

I am willing to help members in any way that I can but these rules must be followed for our entries to count, really do not think they would effect us from years past other than I have posted entries for others that were having issues.
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