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Author Topic: Improving nesting habitat on property  (Read 248 times)

Offline Jrkimbrough

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Improving nesting habitat on property
« on: December 13, 2018, 04:12:07 PM »
I'm looking to improve the nesting habitat on the small tract of family land that I hunt and manage. 

I see the same timeline every year on this property.  Early to mid Feb. the birds start moving in and start seeing large numbers of birds throughout the early hunting season.  Yet once mid April hits the bird numbers really go down and you see them less frequently when the hens start nesting.  With seeing this I assume the hens are going to nest on neighbors properties instead of ours, therefore taking the toms with them.  I also very rarely see any young poults on camera at all.

We have also started to heavily trap nest predators in the past two years which I think has definitely helped a lot.  We see very few coyotes or bobcats on this property.

The property consists of 40 acres, 25% mature pines, 25% mature hardwoods, 50% open fields with a mixture of hay ground and foodplot.  The property also has a half acre pond for a water source.

I'm thinking about softening the field edges by cutting down the small trees and saplings creating brushy areas, also thinking about going farther into the woods and doing the same.

Any suggestions?