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turkeys for tomorrow

Coming to an end!!

Started by turkey harvester, June 01, 2018, 09:32:04 PM

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turkey harvester

Well folks, another season in the books for most. It was really good chatting with you fellow hunters and hearing your stories. I appreciate the ones that chimed in during all the discussions. It's neat to get to hear stories about other parts of the states. Some we didn't hear from at all,????. It was a privilege for me to be captain of the strut stoppers, a group of huntin fools just like me. I've posted our scores a little while back, and nobody has killed, so I recon our score if final. It was a tough season for everyone it seemed. Weather seemed to play a big factor too, and henned up birds all day long.
I appreciate you all taking the time to get good pics of weight, spurs, beard, and score sheet. Hopefully we can get together again and play this crazy game that obsesses every single one of us. Wel schools out and I'm welding at a moonshine still shop,lol. I'll check in from day to day, so guys, be safe, have fun, and hope your year is blessed.   Jeff
TURKEY NUT CUSTOM STRIKERS- Jeffrey Thompson-Owner.  Kathleen,GA
Hunt with your kids, not for them.

Hunt with your kids, not for them.


Yep, I agree.
I am gonna be really anxious for next spring: it can not get here quick enough.



Couldn't agree more! Love that time of year. Thanks again Jeff for all of your time putting this together.